The internet is full of DIY hacks! You can almost create a flying car at your home if you want to. So, why not create your own unique door stopper at your home.

It all depends on the sense of creativity you have!
— Tahir Munawer

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How To Make Door Stoppers At Your Home?

Your house is almost a manufacturing place or you can call it an industry. If you have the required tools, equipment, and materials, you can almost create anything.

But today we are not creating anything, we are here for making our own DIY made door stopper. now first of all, if you don’t know what is a door stopper, you can search it up on Google or you can read further. A door stopper is a device or a piece of wood, rubber, or metal, that stops your doors from closing on their own.

Have you heard the story of eggs and the door? If you haven’t you should! Here it is:

Once I went to a shop to buy eggs. However, when I brought them, I also had other things to carry. I opened my hostel’s main door (equipped with a door closer) with my right hand and bent down for picking up the egg shopper. When I entered the door, the eggs got stuck between the door and the mainframe (as the door closed on its own. The eggs scrambled before going in the fry pan. Oh no! I had to bear the total loss that the door had cost me.

Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll make sure that your eggs don’t break like mine. And provide you some of the DIY door stopper hacks

For Nature Enthusiasts

If you have an instilled love for nature and natural objects, then this is the best DIY door stopper for you. this door stopper is decently heavy and provides a classic caveman look.

The first thing you have to do is find a garden or a lawn (if you have your own then don’t go there because you don’t want to deteriorate it). Now when you reach there, find a decently heavy smooth stone that has a finished look. Imagine the stone or the rock standing next to your door. How would it be like? would your guests’ awe or ooh at it? If you find your guests awing at it, then pick it up, load it in your car and go to your house. Place the stone or the rock beside your door and enjoy the “natural look” of your door stopper.

For Precision Practitioners

Material required:

If you have gathered the materials, pick up the wooden piece. Mark the gap between your door with the measuring tape. Now mark the height of the wooden piece and cut it with a circular saw. Make sure to make it compact and portable. Next, mark a 2″ gap and then mark a sloping line on the side of the wooden piece. Use the circular saw to cut through it and make it look like a wedge-shaped wooden piece. Finally, use the abrasive paper and rub it to get the finished look. Paint it if you like or use it in its original form. Enjoy the wooden door stopper!

Note: make sure to wear safety gloves, hearing safety, and goggles when using the circular saw. (wood edges are really sharp)

For Lazy Sloths

If you are just one of those lazy sloths who doesn’t want to go through all the hassle of cutting and lifting and finding, then type door stopper on Google and find the best one suited to you and purchase it online.

Or there is a second option too! If you are really in a hurry and you have no time to buy or create one. Then find something heavy and place it next to your room. Still, if your house doesn’t have any heavy object, then grab your baby and tell him or her to sit next to your door (ha-ha just kidding)

Do you want to cover the gap underneath your door to prevent cold and hot air to pass in? Check out some of the best door draft stoppers here!


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