rubber doorstops


Rubber doorstops – symbols of durability! seems overstated, but believe me it isn’t!

Don’t you have a question in your mind? Well, don’t worry, I have one!

Why aren’t door stoppers named door openers alike door closers? Don’t they keep the door open? Well, I think the person who has named it was a precise christener. If a door stopper was named door opener, it would mean that it can open doors. But that isn’t the case, as these devices tend to “hold the doors open” not “open them”. That’s why “door stopper” is a better name because it gives the idea (although a bit vague) that these devices stop the door from closing.
Well, now let’s get to the point!

We really owe a great deal to the rubber tree!
— Michai Viravaidhya

rubber doorstops

What is a Rubber Doorstop?

You already know what door stoppers are, but what are rubber doorstops? Alike magnetic door stoppers, these devices have the same function that is to prevent the door from closing. But rubber doorstops are used for heavy-duty steel doors, as magnetic doorstops don’t have the strength to withhold them.

Exceptional Qualities of Rubber

  • Large Stretch Ratio
  • High Resilience
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ultimate Friction
  • Aesthetic
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Tear resistance.
  • Tensile modulus.
  • Tensile strength
  • Hardness

Magnetic Door Stoppers VS Rubber Doorstops?

Magnetic door stoppers are best for fast and long-lasting use, as they stay fixated on the floor or the wall as long as you want them. But they aren’t as reliable and durable as rubber doorstops. Magnetic door stoppers lose their reliability as soon as the magnets start losing their magnetism. While a rubber door stopper is highly durable due to the flexibility and long-lasting life of rubber. You should always remember that most ultra-durable products contain rubber as a sign of durability such as mountain bike tires. Similarly, rubber door stoppers are also highly efficient for holding heavy-duty doors due to the high frictional quality of rubber.

In terms of aesthetics and elegance, both have their uniqueness. Magnetic door stoppers are metallic while rubber doorstops have a matte finish.

The best part about rubber doorstops is that unlike magnetic door stoppers, you don’t have to install them and create a permanent scar on your floor or wall.

Types of Rubber Doorstops

Types of rubber doorstops vary according to their shapes, sizes, styles, and unique features.

Most rubber doorstops are wedges. Additional strips are added on the surface to increase grip and efficiency. Unlike wooden door stoppers, wedge-shaped rubber doorstops do not scrape door paint and polish. Rubber’s high stretch ratio and elongation make wedge-shaped rubber door stoppers easier to fit in door gaps.

However, you can also find spherical rubber doorstops, but these come with a metal bar as same as the one used in magnetic door stoppers. The spherical rubber has a precut hole in it which fits in the metal bar whenever you close the door.

Most rubber doorstops have a height of 1 inch to 1.5 inches. However, their length and width can vary according to different styles and designs.

Style and Design
Most rubber doorstops have the same traditional styles and designs. However, some rubber door stoppers have curved slopes and some have sharp and steep slopes. The styles of different door stoppers vary according to the wedge angles.

You can find almost an uncountable variety of colors in rubber doorstops. Therefore, all colors have the same finish (matte). Most people go for the classic brown color, which gives a royal and highly premium look to door furniture. But you can go for lively and energetic colors when placing door stoppers in your kids’ room.

Unique features
Hooks, additional grips, and anti-slip bases are the most prominent features found in rubber doorstops.

So, if you want to protect your door from slamming and banging against the wall and you also don’t want to carve a scar on your floor and wall, then mark my words, a rubber doorstop is exactly what you are looking for!

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